Collier County Veterans Council "Honoring All Who Served"
Collier County Veterans Council"Honoring All Who Served"

Talented photographers and videographers are always invited to record our public patriotic events. Contact the president to notify the Board you will be there to capture each of our patriotic events

Coming soon: Photos of  2021-2022 Flag Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day and other events. You can view videos on utube under Collier County Veterans Council ( certified)

Thank you to Heather Corace for capturing these moments from our 2017 Veterans Day Celebration.

Thank you so much to Tom Donahue from Shula's Steakhouse for sponsoring and donating the video to the council.  Also, a huge thank you to Hugh's Production for the professional job on the photographs and video!  Thank you for capturing these moments posted below!!

Awarding Joan Colosimo with the Order of Kentucky Colonels at the January Meeting.  Special Thanks to Heather Corace for her photos.

Wreath Laying Ceremony at Naples Freedom Memorial Park on Golden Gate Parkway.  Special Thanks to Heather Corace for her photos.

2016's best Veterans Day celebration was held at Cambier Park. Photos by Deborah Gallagher and Don Peacock.

Gulfview Middle School invited several members to a Veterans Appreciation Ceremony on the morning of Veterans Day.  Photos by Deltys Powers.

Naples Independence Day Parade 2016

Special thanks to Don Peacock for sharing his photos.

Naples Independence Day Parade 2016

Special thanks to Heather Corace for her photos.

Memorial Day 2016

Memorial Day

Observed May 26, 2014

Memorial Day Ceremony, Naples, FL, 2014

Naples Memorial Day Ceremony, 2013

Where to Find Us:

The Veterans Council of Collier County is the umbrella organization of the 20 veterans groups that exist in Collier County, Florida.

The Veterans Council is comprised of representatives from each group and meets the 3rd Thursday of each month.


We bring all groups together for networking and fellowship in an otherwise fragmented community.  We each have our allegiances, but are fighting the same battle.  United we stand.

Meetings are open to all veterans.


CCVC Board of Directors


Chief William Carl, USCG




Alexander Leoni, USMC

(Vice President)


Chief Darnell Johnson



Stanley Bunner,USN

(Safety Officer)


Larry Lathrop, USMC



Frank Kerr, USA

 (Sergeant at Arms)


Jason Lindsey, USMC

(Operations Officer)


Vidal Sanchez, USMC

(Operations Assistant)


Stormie Pruskauer


Joan Mary Madonna

(Assisstant Secretary)





The Veterans Council enjoys the generous financial support of its contributors.  If your organization would like support the Veterans Council and its four public patriotic ceremonies, please mail your annual $50 donation to: 

Collier County Veterans Council

527 107th Ave N

Naples, FL 34108



 If you would like to publicly introduce yourself to the Board of Directors and their gallery of patriots, please contact us to have your name placed on the upcoming meeting agenda.  



Veteran Suicide Prevention

If you, or a veteran you know, may be thinking of contemplating suicide please call The Veterans Crisis Hotline at:

1-800-273-8255 and Press 1

or go to their website at:


Helpful Suicide education is also provided here.


"In all you do, do with all your might. Things done by half measures are never done right."


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