Collier County Veterans Council "Honoring All Who Serve"
Collier County Veterans Council"Honoring All Who Serve"  "Studies have shown—and veterans organizations strongly concur—that outdoor recreational activities can provide powerful therapeutic and healing benefits as well as camaraderie for veterans struggling with combat-related injuries or post-traumatic stress," said Smith in a statement. "We should be thinking outside-the-box to discover as many ways as possible to help veterans, and opening up federal lands and removing barriers to access for remedial outdoor recreation is a no-brainer. My legislation would help increase access to this treatment option."


Naples already organizes fishing trips for veterans throught the Take A Soldier Fishing group. Contact them to join a boat for the day. Become a captain and share your backwater fishing boat to introduce saltwater fly fishing with conventional baitcasting fishermen. Learn more about saltwater fly fishing through the local club, Backcountry Fly Fishers.

Alleviant Health Centers in Naples Treats Several Serious Health Conditions Which Plague the Veteran Community. Contact Them To Schedule An Appointment For An Evaluation. 

Support for Servicemen comes in many forms. Consider these charities when reaching out to veterans.

Dozens of charities have risen in the wake of starting the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. Tens of thousands of Servicemen from America and its coalition of the willing have been severely injured by combat.  It comes at great expense to the military hospitals as well as the victims.  Once Servicemen are medically discharged or retired, the costs of care and recovery are overwhelming.  Veterans have no means to pay for all their needs once they are civilians.  The following list includes groups that improve Servicemen's severely injured quality of life.  They live up to our philosophy of "Service before Self".  

1.  Hope For The Warriors           

2.  Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America

3.  United Service Organization             

4.  Navy-Marine Corps Relief Society

5.  Wounded Warriors Family Support    

6.  Puppies Behind Bars

7.  Homes For Our Troops                    

8.  Thanks USA

9.  Disabled American Veterans Charitable Service Trust

10.  Fisher House Foundation                

11.  Collier County Veterans Council!

Several organizations have risen to the challenge of caring for veterans after seeing so many fall through the cracks.

Empathetic young men have invented treatments for struggling veterans who carry the scars of war with them every day.  Private companies have stepped forward help veterans where the VA, public services, and private doctors have come up short.  They address different issues, but the esprit de corps remains the same.  Groups trying to pick up the pieces of shattered lives include:

The Raider Project

22 Kill

Gallant Few

Hooves For Heroes

The Darby Project

Silkies Hike

The Oscar Mike Foundation


Operations Strides



One piece of the veteran recovery process is the need for affiliation.  A Silkie's Hike is really fun, but only lasts a short time.  A more enduring treatment is the continuous relationship with peers at the gym.  Lift For The 22 is a program that raises money for veterans in order to get them off the couch, out of the house, and out of their vicious cycle of depression.  Reaching out to veterans by inviting them to the gym is a great solution for both finding your own gym partner and soothing the pain OIF/OEF vets feel.  

"In March of 2015 Lift For The 22 began as a hashtag social media movement designed to encourage service members to connect and support one another in gym's all over the nation. Specifically, the program addresses the broken transitional system and aims to limit veteran struggles thereby limiting veteran suicides. After being contacted by a local gym owner, the Lift For The 22 movement became more than a hashtag, but rather a movement to provide veterans with one-year gym memberships across the country. On July 23rd 2015 Lift For The 22 provided the first 3 veterans of the program with one-year gym memberships at Workout Anytime in Beaverton Oregon. Since July 2015, over 300 Veterans have now received one-year gym memberships in a growing movement to end veteran suicide through transitional support. The Lift For The 22 program is all about having an outlet, building yourself up, and then being connected with a peer-to-peer support network of veterans who assist one another in the transition from military service. "


Georgia Aquarium's Veteran Immersion Program

Georgia Aquarium is committed to serving the brave men and women, active and retired, who have served us. As a thank you for their incredible service, Georgia Aquarium developed the Veterans Immersion Program in 2008 as a way to support the wounded heroes in our armed forces.

The Veterans Council & American Red Cross Care Package Program

The Veterans Council of Collier County & the American Red Cross of Collier County are working together to support the needs of our soldiers overseas. The Red Cross will send our Care Packages to individuals in the military through their system, which is quicker and better than send them through regular mail. Several of our local churches and civic groups already have programs in place to start assembling these Care Packages, we just need names & addresses of soldiers to send them to.

Typical Care Packages will include:

• Stationery (Letter Paper & Envelopes)
• Stamps
• Batteries
• Pens & Pencils
• Disposable Razors
• Matches
• Playing Cards
• Deodorant
• Toothbrushes & Toothpaste
• Baby Wipes / Cleaning Wipes
• Clearasil / Stridex Pads
• Rolaids
• Hard Candies
• Coffee and Hot Chocolate Pouches


You can also mail your donation to:

Veterans Council of Collier County

Attn: Chief William Carl, President

527 107th Ave N

Naples, FL 34108

Please make checks payable to the Veterans Council of Collier County.

Collier County Veterans Council is registered with the IRS as a 301C non-profit organization. All donations will receive acknowledgement via phone, e-mail or letter.

Veterans verify their service to employers and agencies. 

Government agencies and non-profits, such as the Department of Veterans Affairs and U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Hiring Our Heroes initiative use to enhance individual access to benefits and services and prevent fraud through strong identity verification services.

Over 400 of your favorite brands, such as Under Armour, SeaWorld and Verizon, use’s verification technology to offer exclusive discounts to members of the following communities: Military, Students, First Responders, Teachers and Government Employees.

Transitioning from our military careers to the civilian world is a struggle for many.  The nightmares of combat have lingering and withering effects.  The first peer-reviewed and published national study of civic service among U.S. vets who served in Iraq and/or Afghanistan found volunteering improved their health and social life.

Where to Find Us:

CCVC Board of Directors


Chief William Carl (President)



Cpt Torrey V. Searles

(Vice President)


Cpt James Albert (2nd Vice President/Chaplain)


SSgt Erica Florio

(Public Relations Officer)


LCDR John E. Hogan



Cpl Jessica Lee Dang (Secretary)



CSM James Reginald Burch (Sergeant at Arms)


A1C Jordan Tompkins

(Operations Officer)



Website Email:



Please complete the online application form.   

"Voting" Memberships are only open to members of the Board of Directors. If you do not fit in this category, please check the "Associate Member" box. 
Then, mail your annual membership dues to our mailing address:


Collier County Veterans Council

527 107th Ave N

Naples, FL 34108


Mail the dues there. Applications may also be handed to the Treasurer before the monthly meeting.


You will be contacted once your application has been registered.  If you would like to publicly introduce yourself to the members of the Council, please contact us to have your name placed on the upcoming meeting agenda. If you have immediate business for our attention, we will add your issue to the agenda as well.    




Veteran Suicide Prevention

If you, or a veteran you know, may be thinking of contemplating suicide please call The Veterans Crisis Hotline at:

1-800-273-8255 and Press 1

or go to their website at:


Helpful Suicide education is also provided here.


“Suicide doesn’t stop the pain.  It just transfers it to someone else!”



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